Resolution or Improvement: You Decide

Resolution.  Definition:  a firm decision to do or not do something.

Improve.  Definition:  make or become better.

Last night (at this point, last night was 3 days ago) I wrote a few things down as resolutions for this new year, most of which I had written down at the start of 2018, and didn’t even bother with in 2019.  There’s the obvious lose weight or exercise more, be more organized, etc.  But as I was writing, I started thinking about my day to day routine and what I could do to improve my life one day at a time or maybe even help improve someone else’s day.

So many times , I get up (late most of the time) and am just blah about going to work, and then by the time I get there (late) I’m already frustrated.  One look at the piles of papers and I’m overwhelmed, which leads to more frustration.  I find myself just having a bad attitude.  Ouch!  Not what one likes to think about themselves.  It’s true though! Someone will compliment me, and instead of just receiving the compliment and being thankful, I’ll come back with “it could’ve been better”, or “well thanks, but….”  Gah!  Why do we do that?  Just say thank you!

Which leads me to one of the things I wrote down last night….pass out at least one compliment daily.  Be it at home, at work, out for lunch, wherever.  Do you know how many times I see someone wearing something I like, or I see someone do something nice, or a co-worker does a really great job on something and I just keep my mouth shut?  Why??  Maybe because I know how I react to compliments, maybe because I tend to be reserved…whatever the reason, it is my hope that this year I improve my attitude, pass out the compliments, and in doing so maybe improve someone else’s day.

So, for me, that’s what 2020 is going to look like: improving.  Rather than making resolutions that I’m bound to fail at, I’m going to work on improving one minute ( to work earlier) , one pile of papers, one workout, one blog post, one compliment at a time.

What about you?  Is there anything you hope to improve on in 2020?  Maybe you could join me in giving out daily compliments.  Imagine how many days we could improve if we all speak up when we see something we like or to recognize a job well done.