About Me

Hey there! Welcome to Ginger Just For Fun. I’m Jenni 🙂

I’m married to an amazing guy, Dan, and together we have four awesome kids – Mackenzie, Madison, Nathan, and Terrick. Oh! And I can’t forget our two Yorkies, Bella and Nia.

We live in a small town in Indiana about 20 minutes east of the even smaller town (think population less than 400) I grew up in. Both of our extended families are close by, it’s home, and I wouldn’t trade it (except for maybe on a beach house).

I’ve spent 18+ years in the retail automotive industry (nope, I don’t sell cars) building my career. When I’m not working, I love to shop, travel, read, eat yummy food, and just spend time with my family… and shop some more.

I love to keep a journal when we’re traveling and have done this ever since I can remember…probably the first vacation I ever went on. It’s a good way to remember the funny things that happen, the foods we tried and liked or didn’t like, etc. Which brings me to why write a blog? My mom says why not? You’re the only one holding you back. Thanks, Mom! So with her encouragement, my husband’s too, of course, the adventure begins.

I hope to share some outfit inspiration, books worth reading, our travels, and whatever else comes along. Hopefully, you’ll like some things I share or find some encouragement, maybe even try something new. So grab your device, have a seat, and let’s have some fun!