Open Roads


Hey guys!  Happy November!  Okay, so I’ve wanted to do the November Thankfulness Challenge for a while, but always remember about 2-3 days in and feel like it’s too late to start.  This year, though, I was determined to do it.  So, last night as I left to pick up the Sunday night pizza, I was thinking about what I was going to start with.

It didn’t take long for me to figure it out….open roads!  Yes, that’s it, I thought, nodding my head as I backed out of the driveway and headed north.  I meant it quite literally, too.  You see, there are two ways to get out of our neighborhood, and the way we would normally go to get almost everywhere has been closed for construction for months and it’s finally back open!!  Gosh!  This is going to save me sooo much time, I was thinking!

And then my head went into overdrive and started overthinking about open roads and detours.  Did the detours over the last several months cost me time?  Were they frustrating?  Absolutely!  But, did I still make it everywhere I needed to?  Did I learn new ways around?  Did I see things I wouldn’t have otherwise seen?  Yes, yes, and yes!  Guys, I have taken so many backroads this year and wasn’t always happy about it.  Those backroads have also allowed me to see some beautiful scenery….like the barn with the sun setting just beyond it, or noticing {more than I normally would} the corn grow green & tall before fading to that golden harvest color.

Maybe your real life way is blocked right now-you’re frustrated and disappointed.  Take the detour!  Or don’t.  Find a new way around.  Change your perspective, don’t think of it as a blocked road, look at all the other open roads.   Take the backroad, watch the corn grow, notice the sunset.  You will still make it where you’re supposed to, even if it takes a little longer!  And who knows, you may end up liking the backroads better anyway.

Open roads, yep, that’s what I’m thankful for this November 1st.


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