Kitchen Remodel – Before/Demo

We completely remodeled our kitchen about 2 1/2 years ago.  There was a lot of planning and picking out of finishes before hand.  We don’t plan on doing this again for a vvveeerryyy long time, so we wanted to make sure everything was just how we wanted it.  We hired a contractor who also had a designer working with their team.   Here are some before pictures:

My least favorite thing?…that light! I could only see a chipmunk every time I looked at it!

Who is that girl standing around, playing on her phone?


The demo was something we felt like we could take on ourselves though.  We started with taking the upper cabinets down.   This was really pretty simple…just remove the screws and make sure you’re ready to catch that cabinet.  Up next…bottom cabinets.  The hardest thing about that was the counter top.  A good sawzall was really helpful.  We did salvage as much as we could.  What we or our other family members didn’t use elsewhere, we donated to our local Habitat for Humanity.

Our family room is connected to our kitchen, so we had to move everything out during the remodel.  The refrigerator, microwave, and crock pot went to the dining room for the next few months.  That was okay for the first week or so, but it does start to get old fast.  Patience is key! 🙂

The dining room/temporary kitchen. Oh my! Um..and there I am again doing nothing but messing around on my phone. I promise I really worked!


The bulkhead ( my other least favorite part of the old kitchen) was next to get demo’d.  This wasn’t terrible either, that sawzall came in handy again.  Luckily, there was nothing but a return air vent to deal with.

Terrick wanted to “help” too.
Return air vent. Simple re-route to the other side of that half wall.


Electrical and dry wall were finished next, and then it was our turn again.  We thought this would be the easiest part…nope!  The flooring was that peel and stick vinyl, and sticky was an understatement.  As soon as the floor was up, we had to hurry and paint as we were leaving for spring break and our new flooring was getting installed while we were gone.

Stay tuned for the completion!


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