Coworker Christmas Gifts


Do you usually give presents to all your coworkers?  Or more specifically the ones that you work most closely with?  We usually do, and I struggle every year trying to figure out what to get without breaking the bank and still having it be something they will enjoy.  Here are a few things I have received over the years, and I use them all.

Spove Polka Dot Flip Flop Design Manicure Kit (Set of 6 Kits)

I carry this one in my purse every day.  I actually liked it so much I ended up buying for stocking stuffers as well.  It has come in handy a time or two….maybe even to open a mayo packet that was impossible! (Don’t worry I hadn’t used the scissors on anything else)

Coffee Mug Cozy Oatmeal

Grey and Mint Heart Cup Cozy Coffee Sleeve

I have one very similar to the oatmeal one.  I use it on weekends when I can take a little longer and enjoy my cappuccino.

RoyAroma 2PCS 30mm Car Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Stainless Steel Locket Air Freshener with Vent Clip 12 Felt Pads

I must admit I have not actually used this one yet, although I do own it and keep intending to.  I love the idea of it since I use some essential oils anyway.

Wrapables Unisex-Adults Plaid Print Infinity Scarf, red/Green, One Size

And if all else fails, who doesn’t like a scarf?

These would also work well for teachers, babysitters, neighbors.

Here Goes Nothing!!!

My first blog post!  I can hardly believe it.  Anyone who knows me, knows that this is totally out of character for me.  I am not one to share a lot on my personal Facebook or take a lot of pictures of myself, but I recently started following some other bloggers and thought why not?  It seems like so much fun!  I love to write, I love to shop, I love watching home improvement shows and re-doing things in our house, so if I can share those things with you and give you some inspiration then it will be a win, win for both of us.  I also love to travel and always keep a journal on our trips, which is so fun to go back a couple years later and be reminded of what we did.  I still plan on keeping that journal, but now I’ll just share it on the blog, too.  I hope you’ll follow along and have some fun!